You are the father or mother of a family of four (kids ages 13 and 15) planning a weekend camping trip. Develop a responsibility matrix for the work that needs to be done prior to starting your trip.

Following is the responsibility matrix developed for a weekend camping trip for a family.

Search for the site for camping trip 1st May R   S S
Decide and choose the site for the trip 2nd May R S S S
Reserve the chose site 4th May   R    
Make a list of shopping items required for camping trip 5th May R S S S
Make purchases of supplies for the trip mentioned on the list 5th May   R R  
Pack the equipment for camping 6th May   S   R
For fishing at the trip, pack fishing gear 6th May S   R  
Fuel up the car to reach the site 7th May   R    
Get some money 8th May R      


2a. What is the estimated cost for the Tolstoy’s house if they use contractors to complete all of the house?

In order to calculate the estimated total cost for the house in case when contractors are used to complete the house, the size of house would be multiplied with the cost per square foot. Numerically;


Estimated total cost of the house = size of house x average price per square foot

= 2900 square foot x $120 per square foot

= $348,000

2b. Estimate what the cost of the house would be if the Tolstoys use their talents to do some of the work themselves.

If the Tolstoys would utilize their talents to do some of the work by themselves, the estimated total cost of the house is given below:

Task Percentage of estimated cost of house Total Amount
Plumbing roughed in                         6% of $348,000                         $20,880

Plumbing Fixtures installed              4% of $348,000                         $13,920

Interior decorating                            4% of $348,000                         $13,920

Total saving                                                                                         $48,720

Less: Estimated total cost of the house                                               ($348,000)

Estimated total cost for the completed house                                  $299,280

using their talents