If you were a bar owner, what precautions would you take to minimize the risk to you, your company and your customers?

I think there are countless precautions I would take to minimize the risk to myself, my company, and my customers.

Number one would be serving the alcohol. Bar tenders should be extremely cautious and on high-alert about serving customers alcohol. If someone has too much, way too many things could go wrong, and the worst of it would the customer could get a DUI and or hurt themselves or someone else. Not only would the customer be in a risky situation, the bartender and the bar in general would be in a bad spot.

Number two would be similar to number one, but making sure the customer has fun while being safe. Whether it be playing a bar game, or just talking to friends, there are countless hazardous activities inside of the bar. The last thing people need is there for to be a fight inside the bar.

Finally, I think fake ID’s are a problem in bars nowadays. If bouncers keep letting in underage kids, so many problems could arise that would hurt the bar, the staff, and the customers.


Answer 2

A risky thing for the bar owner is the wastage of inventory due over pouring or mishandling. Moreover, the company needs to invest money and time to reduce the cost incur due to pouring. The best solution to that risk is through installing an automatic system that will pour the exact amount of requested beverage through the pouring gun. It will save the money for the company, protect it from over or under pouring, pilferage and spoilage of beverages from mishandling. I think the owner of the bar can protect him/herself through making paper written policies that will govern all the alcohol related services at the bar. Then owner should distribute these policies to avoid any form allegation and customer’s expectation about services. So, that owner can able to protect the company in case of any issue. Liquid liability insurance can also use to protect the company against any liquid related claim. For the sake of protecting customers, all employees at the bar should train and aware about symptoms of intoxication. So, that they can able to stop serving customers and in critical case refuse to serve such clients.