I think the use of video surveillance and keeping the long record of such footage, introducing fire prevention programs and an establishment of open communication between management and staff would also help m and my company in minimizing the risk. General liability insurance would be a better way to protect my business against any case field regarding the injury, intoxication and related risks happen within the vicinity of my company. All service related entities and waiters should alter the slippery conditions especially when shop floors have been mopped. Inventory at the bar is the livelihood to manage the risk of losing inventory for the company. It would be more beneficial that manager should implement a routine verification procedure. It would also help to protect the company not to lose its revenue incurred due to customer or employee theft. Property insurance would also be a good solution for protect the business for the worst case scenario and to ensure full value of replacement of inventory.

To safeguard the customers from intoxication and overdose, I would pay particular focus upon reducing the spills and slip that can harm the customers. Moreover, it will prove major legal risk for the business. I should make a plan for the safely delivery of intoxicated guest through hiring drivers of cap company. Make it announce through placing charts, sign board and another advertisement that company will not entertain drunk guests. Moreover, authorize the server not to serve in case of any sign of intoxication, friendly ask some words and make a call to police in the event of conditions gets out of control.