Talk about timing! One of the biggest new stories in the Hospitality Industry came out over the weekend. Marriott and Starwood are merging!   This makes Marriott one of the largest hotel chains in the world.

Talk about timing! One of the biggest new stories in the Hospitality Industry

My thoughts are that both of these companies made a smart decision because they are now the largest hotel company in the world. They both alone make a ton of money so combined who knows how much revenue they can bring. The only conflict they may have to deal with is agreeing on different terms of the business but this will settle and then they can continue to just create success. I do believe with the merger they do have to make some changes but in my opinion changes are great you always have to change up what you are doing as a company because the market is constantly changing. Therefore, I am happy for both of these companies I wish them the best on this new endeavor and hope they stay strong in the hospitality industry.

Marriott and Starwood are merging!

I think a merger between Marriott and Starwood would make the hospitality business more innovative. It would prove a milestone for attaining financial objectives for both companies. No doubt legacy and scale of Marriot and innovative abilities of Starwood could contribute in making better travel experience. It will prove a significant milestone towards creating a strongest loyalty program and largest lodging company in the hospitality industry. That merger will create massive power shift and also contribute in making biggest luxurious hotel with a great travelling experience available on earth. That make me think that both companies take a revolutionary step and will hope to set an inspiration for the entire industry.

This makes Marriott one of the largest hotel chains in the world

I think Starwood and Marriott merger would bring advancement and upgrade the existing standers of the hospitality industry. For instance, Marriott has a great legacy, and Starwood has innovative and extraordinary ideas. When both experience entities come together, it will not only inspire customers but also become a source of inspiration for rest of the businesses present in the same industry. No doubt, no hotel in the world except Marriott that provide high profile welcoming and soothing environment to their guest across the globe. However, such initially attractive looking environment gets bored after a couple of hours. At that time beautiful, modern and eye-catching solutions Starwood will not let the guest get bored. From my research, I found that that merger would revolutionize the hospitality industry and accelerate the revenue generation. I believe that merger will prove a source of high revenue generation and tremendously increase urge and craze for the modern style hotels all around the world.