Motivating at Eagle Pharmaceutical Case Study

Q1. Which motivational theories are in use at Eagle?

Eagle is a pharmaceutical company. The theory that Eagle Company uses to motivate its salesperson is Reward Theory and encouragement. Sharing 1000$ worthy Eagle Stock, creating a Superbowl Club and gifting him a football jersey shows their acceptance and promotion of enhanced sales activities. Heisman Award is also a sign which shows company’s appreciation and enthusiasm towards salesperson to enhance their goal achievement.

Q2. What is the value of getting employees compete against a goal instead of against each other?

Employees are the key for any successful business. They are the driving force behind company’s long term success. Raising employees focus on achievement of goals rather than on corporate politics and leg pulling raises the spirit of team work and cooperation at the workplace. The employees will work in harmony to lead company towards growth. They know that they’ll be rewarded on the basis of task fulfillment and not on the comparison basis with other employee (Chapter 4, Competency Models). 

Q3. Put yourself in the shoes of one of the four regional sales managers and argue against potential cutbacks to the motivational program. 

Motivational programs are the reason which drives sales personnel to strive for achievement of goals and objectives of the company. May be sharing the successful stories and its tactics to gain the success may lead to free riding cultural raise in the company (Chapter 4.2, Designing Efficient Jobs). Therefore, sales personnel will copy other sales personnel strategy and tactics without using their own minds hence resulting into decline in creativity of the sales personnel.