Do you think census data should be used to identify undocumented immigrants in order to deport them? In the discussion on the podcast, what role do research ethics, including confidentiality, play in terms of the safety or honesty of respondents? On another note, why do you think some people are reluctant to answer census questions? Address some or all of these questions in your answer. Be sure to include information from the podcast to demonstrate that you listened to it.


I do not think that census should be used to identify undocumented immigrants. The first reason is that involving the question about citizenship would automatically take many immigrants, at different stages of their immigration process, off the count. Now, we have to understand the purpose of census, it is counting each and every individual in a country, his/her ethnicity, education, age group and so on. Can we afford millions of people not taking part in the census process? I don’t think so. To deport illegal immigrants, judicial process should be used. I know that the judicial process is not that fast but there can be some measures taken to make the process speeded up. Census, according to the podcast, takes place after 10 years, the government should not risk to make it controversial. The question of research ethics does apply here in my opinion. People are being presented a research survey and asked to give their personal information. They are assured that their information will not be used anywhere against their will. I think that this ethic must be respected at any cost. If the respondents are not sure of their personal data being kept safe, they will not respond honestly.

This was a really informative podcast to know about the importance of census for USA. In the podcast, it was stated that census enables the US authorities give proper representation to the different counties and states in the House of Representatives and Senate. The main issue discussed in the podcast was about the question of citizenship in the upcoming census in 2020. I believe that this is a question that must be asked. USA has a constitution that gives certain rights to its residents but no other people from outer countries who use forged documents to enter to the country or cross borders to it from Mexico. Trump administration has the right to know who is living in the country and violating the tax and immigration laws. This seems to be a harsh step but as the leader of the country, the Presidents have to take tough decisions.

The question about the confidentiality is of important. When it comes to researcher by researchers, I think that the confidentiality must not be violated. But census, on the other hand is not a research conducted by educationists, but to know about the demographic composition of the country and how to carry on the resources. I think that illegal immigrants should be identified with the help of the census data. 

I think to your contrary. In my opinion, it is the right of the government to know about the illegal immigrants because they are mostly out of the tax net and work for money under the table. They use most of the resources of the country but do not give a lot in return.