The objective of this lab is to comprehend the connection between torque, precise quickening, and a snapshot of dormancy. Also, during the lab we should find precise quickening from a chart of rakish speed and discover the snapshot of dormancy from the information of torque and precise increasing speed, and figure the snapshot of inactivity of a mind-boggling object. In the beginning we found the length of the rob and the point mass and by having those two variables we found the following measurements in the first run r=ro Itheo= 0.005kg*m, Alpha = 1.158 rad/s^2, J= 0.012 N*m, Iexp= 0.011, 6i= 0.001. In the second run r=0.5r we got the following results Itheo= 0.002kg*m, Alpha = 4.03rad/s^2, J= 0.012 N*m, Iexp= 0.003, 6i= 0.00, in the last run r=0 we didn’t add any mass and we got the following results Itheo= 0.000001kg*m, Alpha= 10.83 Rad/s^2, J= 0.012 N*m, Iexp= 0.001, 6i= 0.002. At the end, we found the three N’s which are they Nr=ro= 5.06 and N0.5ro= 33.3, and Nr=0= 0.32. Also, the graph for the whole experiment. We had some errors like human and systematic errors which leads to the inappropriate results.