We use our computers for many reasons. Do you prefer using a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone for the majority of your computing needs?


I prefer to use a desktop for the majority of my computing needs.  I own a laptop and a smartphone but the desktop is what I use the most.  I prefer to use a desktop when playing computer games because they do not run as well on laptops.  A laptop is designed to be smaller and more lightweight and thus, it does not generally have the same computing or graphics power.  A laptop is useful for working on text documents, playing low resource games, or web surfing.  The most useful feature of a laptop is the portability.  A laptop can be used almost anywhere while a desktop is heavy and has many peripherals.  Tablets are similar to both smart phones and laptops.  The combine the versatility and convenience of a phone with a larger size and a bit more power.  Smartphones are essentially mini computers these days.  Many of the things that you could do on a laptop or computer are available in some version for your smartphone.  The disadvantage to using a smartphone is the smaller screen, reduced memory and processing power, and the dependency of WiFi or mobile networks.


The features that are most important when shopping for a desktop are the CPU, GPU, memory, and the motherboard.  With a desktop you are not going to be moving it around often and the quality of your parts is very important.  When it comes to buying a laptop, the most important aspects are size or weight, memory, and processing power.  Graphics will not be as important with a laptop.  When shopping for a tablet or a smartphone it is important to consider what your needs are, what you plan on using the device for the most, and how much you are willing to spend.  It is important whenever shopping for technology to check the reviews on the products.  My viewpoint towards buying my next computer has not changed very much since I already knew most of the information that I read.