The objective of this lab explore is to comprehend rotational motion and the conservation of angular momentum. In the beginning of our experiment, where were two parts in the first part we used video point fundamentals to find the following values (w1= 4.70 rad/s, w2= 4.71 rad/s, a1= 338m/s^2, a2= 173m/s^2. AlphaW= 0.12 Nw= 0.05). In the second part, we used Pasco to find the graph for the relationship between angle velocity and time. Also, to solve for the following values (Li, Lf, AlphaL, NL) in this part we took the upper line in the graph and the middle line and the bottom line and we got the following results (Li= 8.3*10^-5, Lf= 8.2*10^-6, AlphaL= 2.0*10^-7, NL= 11.2). Overall, we had many inappropriate results due to several errors like human and systematic errors which leads to this inaccurate results.