It is particularly important for plants to obtain nitrogen from ________.

a. the atmosphere
b. soils
c. primary producers


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_______ diversity is the raw material that generates adaptation in species.

a. Genetic
b. Ecosystem
c. General


To date, ________ of eukaryotic species have been identified and named.

a. less than 20 percent
b. more than 75 percent
c. about half


Lakes and ponds are heavily influenced by ________.

a. stratification
b. light
c. channel size


Precipitation is an important factor influencing the ________.

a. distribution of biomes
b. biodiversity of ecosystems
c. distribution of populations


Tropical rainforests have ________

a. distinct seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation
b. the most stable temperature and precipitation profile year round
c. seasonal fluctuations in rainfall from summer and winter


What is an endemic species?

a. a species that is very rare and difficult to find
b. a species that is native to a specific area, usually one with restricted geographical size
c. species that were once a single species, but divided over the years due to geographical separation


Cold water has more dissolved ________.

a. oxygen
b. carbon
c. hydrogen


Island ________ attempts to explain why certain isolated island chains are particularly species rich.

a. biogeography
b. hotbeds
c. diversity


Animals with aposematic coloration use color patterns to ________.

a. warn off predators
b. mimic a more dangerous organism
c. blend in with their environment


In a ________ relationship, one organism is harmed but rarely killed.

a. commensal
b. mutualistic
c. parasitic


What is fecundity?

a. an organism reproduces once in its life then dies
b. the potential reproductive capacity of an individual
c. the life history of an organism


In general, ________ organisms are more densely distributed compared to ________ organisms.

a. larger; smaller
b. more complex; less complex
c. smaller; larger