What is your perception of climate change?  Is it real?  Support your stance with facts. What can we do to combat it? (5 sentence min)  Then, comment on a minimum of two of your peers’ discussion post with meaningful comments (3 sentence min). Based on the readings and the videos, what is your perception of climate change?  Is it real?  Support your stance with facts. What can we do to combat it?


I trust climate change is a genuine article in light of the fact that there are heaps of logical proof that have been distributed by trustworthy associations that point to this reality. Studies have demonstrated that carbon dioxide levels in the air are at an untouched high and far over any deliberate dimensions of the past. The five hottest years on record have occurred since 2010, ice sheets are liquefying worldwide and ocean levels are rising. This is just a couple of bits of proof that demonstrate the impacts of a worldwide temperature alteration. Some manners by which we can stop or if nothing else limit the antagonistic impacts of an Earth-wide temperature boost are restricting our utilization of non-renewable energy sources which are a noteworthy supporter of the issue, driving smart vehicles, utilizing sun powered boards to absorb the sun’s normal energy, and recycling.


I believe Climate Change has many effects on the world we live in today. I believe it is very real and it is our responsibility to correct it. During the winter in Maryland, it could be 29 degrees one day and the next it’ll be 60 degrees. This is a major sign of climate change. In order to solve this problem we must stop the toxic chemicals we release into the air every day. This means minimizing the amount of waste we use per day and minimizing the amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere.

I believe that climate change is real, and I am afraid that the negative impact of all that atmospheric carbon dioxide and the damage to the ozone layer will bring forth so much disaster that we cannot control. I remember seeing a picture of the earth in 1992 and it was filled with so much green. In 2017, I look at a current picture of the earth and the difference is devastating. The green grass land and tropics are fading to a dust brown. I believe that we humans have contributed to this disaster called global warming and we are further killing the earth. We do this by virtually everything we do to get by a day. For example, electricity, driving a car and so on.

All these can change by making our necessities earth friendly. For example, buying a hybrid car can reduce the carbon dioxide that is product when we drive.