Nature of Earth has been widely changed due to manmade activities. Deforestation is defined as removal of trees by cutting so that the forest area is reduced due to human activities for the cause of urban expansion (Harte, 2007). Over here is the rate of deforestation has been tremendously increased and lot of valuable species of plants which has medicinal value has also been lost. Due to deforestation the animals which lived in these forests lost their life too. because of humans greediness, space shared by the animals has been occupied by humans and animal can’t able to cope up with the increasing temperature in the forests this increasing temperatures are caused by the industries and factories set up by the humans near by the forest areas these industries and factories released harmful toxic elements in solid and liquid forms which entered the forest and mixed with the available water that were once used by these animals for drinking when they consume these photos take it diseases and soon they die because of these reasons the nature of forest has been tremendously changed a lot over years compared to the last century (Liu & Mejia Avendaño, 2013).

Another important reason for the degradation of environment due to the growth of population in developed countries is the urban sprawl. urban sprawl is that given by the people when people who are in the important parts of the city starts moving to the outskirts of the city citing the reasons like costly rent, costly amenities and other financial reasons this leads to Urban expansion thereby establishment of buildings and construction of high rise commercial buildings starts to develop in the outskirts if this continues it will keep on expanding and vehicles used will also increase. Due to these activities pollution increases in the air and temperature increases thereby climatic changes occur (Liu & Mejia Avendaño, 2013).

Usage of cars and vehicles like trucks, construction equipment’s heats the atmosphere increases the atmospheric temperature. If atmospheric temperature increases, the temperature around us increases which will give an uncomfortable feeling and induces us to use air conditioners (Harte, 2007). Air conditioners release more heat its exhaust area. due to more heat and due to cutting of trees, carbon dioxide released in the heat process cannot be observed by the tree is available. If trees are more you can absorb more heat and maintain the temperature balance in the atmosphere but because of the deforestation done by humans the temperature increases and congestion occurs and uncomfortable feeling will be there always in the developing countries. Because of the increase in temperature the glaciers starts melting and the water which comes from the melting of glaciers and the sea and increases the sea level. Because of rising sea levels and land level gets reduced and sea level dominates which may also leads to flooding if a slight earthquake occurs below the Oceanic crust.

The increase in cars and trucks are due to the increase in population and the population that attacks the outskirts of the city.   Due to increase in population, the number of vehicles used by people also increases and also the number of vehicles bought by people also increases. These vehicles release harmful toxic elements into the atmosphere causing air pollution and also these Chemicals mix with water and flow into forest causing it toxic.

Degradation of environment due to growth of population in developing countries:

Developing countries are developing in establishing industries and commercial centers. Moreover in developing countries the population growth rate is higher than the population growth in developed countries. Due to eccentric development in the growth of population the birth control measures are not properly followed in developing countries because of some of these reasons the number of people available in particular area is increasing and the environment is a serious threat because of rise in heat and deforestation. Due to the expansion of roads lot of trees and forest has been reduced because of these animals has lost its habitat (Liu & Mejia Avendaño, 2013).

Due to huge population growth, people from rural areas try to settle in urban areas thereby increasing the air pollution and traffic which again leads to congestion and deforestation. After urban attack slowly urban sprawl increases leads to cities expansion.

Tata major causes of environmental degradation in the developing countries are poverty, unemployment and greediness people agreed to steal send another important resources inside the earth (Harte, 2007). Because of illegal sand mining, it is lost in Reverse and reverse loses its capacity to save and store water the bear recharging it. Because of these reasons agriculture stops and the economy of the country will go down. Hence the developing country will always be the developing country.



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