Special Weekly Reaction Paper Assignment


Special assignment for Wk 6 weekly reaction paper “Forming a Delaware Corporation” – see below


​For the Wk 6 weekly reaction paper, due Wed Oct 3, please do the following in 1-1.5 pp doublespaced (very informal, not a formal memo or anything like that):

Go to the Delaware state government website – to the pages with online instructions and forms for forming a Delaware corporation. Walk through what the process would be if you were actually doing it (don’t actually pay any money and create a corporation!).

The link given here (in my email to you but also in the “external links” section of the Mywcl page on left hand menu bar) starts by asking what kind of business entity you want to form – the “menu” we have discussed. There are excellent links to explain in plain language about the choice of business form.

There’s also a link to instructions about how to do the process for the corporation and a link to specific forms to be filled in.  For our purposes, the corporation is the best form of business entity to focus on.

Write your informal reactions to the process.  Does it seem hard or easy? What information is required? How much does it cost? Does it seem like this would require a lawyer to get through the process? Any sense of how long it would take to filling out all the online forms and when your corporation would be legally authorized to do business?

Focus strictly on the mechanical aspects of forming the Delaware corporation for the reaction paper.  On Mon 30 Sep we will talk through these mechanical issues, so preferably do this before Monday, even though it’s not due until Wednesday.

Basic Del state government website:

How to Form a New Business Entity

Delaware state gov how to form corporation webpage