Case Study: Jayden White: Should he accept an expat assignment to China?

What recommendation you would give regarding whether he should accept the international assignment that has been offered to him?

I would undoubtedly recommend to accept the assignment. Mr. White is already a successful professional and adding international experience to his resume would be very beneficial to him. China is a rapidly growing economy with a lot more opportunities including starting your own business.

What issues should he focus on in making such a decision?

While making such a decision, Mr. White should focus on the education of his children, his wife’s career, the package that has been offered to him and its financial and professional benefits. He should also focus on the cultural differences between China and his own and try to learn about Chines culture prior to being there physically.

What kind of benefit package should he negotiate if he decides to accept the position?

In my opinion, he should ask for a good amount of salary that would help him make some savings for the future. He should also ask for a good place to live in china as renting in Shanghai could be expensive and he might have his children living there with him or visiting him periodically, depending on what they decide within the family.