Case Study: The impact of Galawi’s development policy

Describe the two strategies for the CEO.

The CEO should use two strategies which are firstly related to the communicating with the customers and changing the pricing strategy. Firstly, company must develop a customer’s portal so that the customers are kept informed of the changes that are brought in the production line. Secondly, the prices should be revised and lowered so that the stocks are lowered and new production plans can be implemented.

Explain how the change in development strategy will affect the firm in many ways.

The changed in the development strategy would affect the firm in many ways. It would affect the employees as new technologies may be introduced with which they are not yet familiar. Some customers would also be lost while the changed are implemented. Company would also need to allocate more funds to acquire new raw materials.

What changes in its entry plans will the firm have to make?

There are several entry level changes that will be made. These changes would affect the licensing of the products, the operations of the company, potential customers targets and how different resources are utilized.