Power & Leadership – Video Case Study


What went wrong for John in his first meeting with the Golf Club Charity Team?

How did John’s own leadership style contribute to the problems with the Golf Club Charity Team?

What kinds of power and influence are being used in this situation by John and others?

If you were giving John some advice, what would you suggest to help him be a more effective leader in this situation?


Investigations of authority styles are differing in nature and different definitions have been advertised. Notwithstanding, initiative style can be characterized extensively as the way and methodology of giving guidance, executing arranges, and propelling individuals.

Bases of force allude to the strategies that chiefs and pioneers use to impact their representatives. At the point when looking at bases of force, the idea of power should likewise be considered.

In John’s initially meeting, he was extremely sure that everybody will welcome him yet nothing went as he thought. Rather, no one listened to him. He thought himself to have the force. The way of how power is practiced is a workable definition for power. To put it plainly, power and power are interwoven, with force being the capacity to do things or have others do what one has requested while power is the establishment on which that power is manufactured. In any case, John confronted a major mishappening.

One of the snappiest approaches to lose regard in a meeting is to intrude on the speaker or say something unseemly. Consider what you need to say before you open your mouth. Is it significant to what the speaker is stating? It’s imperative to effectively take an interest, yet simply say something for it. In the event that it sounds as you don’t hear what you’re saying, individuals are unrealistic to listen to your thoughts at future gatherings.

John thought himself to have the authoritative power. A tyrant initiative style can be compelling when a circumstance calls for sped up activity or basic leadership. Bunch individuals who are not self-roused, who favor structure, and acknowledge huge heading and checking may flourish under this style.

Whereas others were using different styles like a law based administration style takes into account different perspectives, inputs, and support, while as yet keeping up control and the initiative part. A quality law based pioneer perceives every part’s qualities and adequately evokes the best execution from every part, at the same time controlling and driving successfully. A test for the fair pioneer is to perceive that not all undertakings should be taken care of by the gathering; that the pioneer ought to suitably address some issues alone.

Also, a free enterprise initiative style works best when bunch individuals are very talented and roused, with a demonstrated reputation of brilliance. This hands-off methodology can permit these skilled individuals to be profitable and viable. The free enterprise style is translated by the individuals as an indication of certainty and trust in their capacities and further engages them to be effective and propelled.

Libraries require more than pioneers and authority; they require the right sorts of each. To stay suitable as establishments, and to increase the value of the constituents they serve, a library’s administration must oversee change, create representatives and incite client responsibility. So, there is a reasonable contrast between administration styles and there might be cases where one style is more powerful; in this way a requirement for adaptability and maybe a stock/consciousness of who may best lead an activity taking into account their styles. Indeed, certain initiative styles really undermine spirit, imagination, advancement and representative duty. Taking an ideal opportunity to consider the sorts of pioneers you have in your library could be an advantageous activity regarding understanding initiative and its effect on your association.

One can likewise contend against the one-dimensional perspective of power and power when they are seen not as free components in theory, but rather as naturally got from relations inside the association. Force and power are multidimensional on the grounds that connections are by nature multidimensional.

The routes in which chiefs impact their representatives and urge them to be profitable rely on upon numerous variables, including the identity of the pioneer, the abilities of the gathering/workers, the undertaking or task within reach, or the gathering flow and identities of gathering individuals. Similarly as with initiative styles, every base of force has its place in administration and can demonstrate powerful in the right setting and right circumstances.

At the point when gone up against with a domineering jerk at work, for example, an administrator or associate, hold fast. To start with, alarm your domineering jerk that their conduct is improper. Second, let them know how it has influenced you. For instance, you may say, “I feel your tone with me is somewhat cruel. Now and again, I feel overpowered. I would acknowledge more illumination yet in a gentler tone.” He or she dislikes what you say, but rather on the off chance that you don’t bring it up, you may never see a change. In the case of nothing methodologies, your chief with the issue. You may likewise wish to raise the issue to your nearby Human Resources office, if pertinent.

I would suggest john some of the strategies and tips:

On the off chance that you are another chief, organize a meeting with your workers and plainly characterize methodology regulated. Lay standard procedures and clarify what happens when they are not took after. One of the most serious issues in one of our branches is clothing regulation. At the point when representatives know they may lose some portion of their paychecks, they think more about after the standards.

Would you rather take orders from a resigned worker that apologizes for everything, or from a representative that stands up straight, talks unmistakably, grins with certainty? Part of the trap of persuading others to work for you is to make them tail you as a pioneer. Present your thoughts with certainty: make others trust that what you need to say is essential – that it’s the best thing subsequent to cut bread! Offer yourself and your thoughts. Trust that what you need to say is great, and persuade others to tail you.

On the off chance that nobody listens to you at work, it can be extremely disappointing and disheartening. To start with attempt to comprehend why others are not doing what you need. Is it accurate to say that you are a decent communicator? Do they know where you stand? Plainly characterize what you need to impart. Present your thoughts with certainty. What’s more, finally, contact others with deference and an uplifting disposition.