Astronomy Homework


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5.2) How fast does light travel? Does blue light travel at the same speed as red light? Why or why not?




5.3) A photon has 4 x 10^-19 Joules of energy. What is the wavelength of this photon?


5.4) List 2 examples of objects or events that you associate with each region of the electromagnetic


5.5) The typical human being has a body temperature of 37 degree C.

  1. At what wavelength does a human emit the most thermal radiation? Use Wein’s Law to complete this calculation.
  2. Based on the wavelength you calculated above in what region of the electromagnetic spectrum do human beings “glow”?
  3. How much power does a typical human emit? Assume that the typical human has a surface area of 1.5 m^2. Use the Stefan-Boltzmann Law to complete this calculation.





5.2) 2.99 *10^9 m/s   if travelling in vaccum, both blue and red will travel at the same speed.



5.5 b) based on the calculations, the wavelength of maximum radiation is in the  infrared region