Equality and Discrimination Deontological argument

The following post is from a Deontological argument point of view.

The question is, do I think that it is ever justifiable to treat people on the basis of their race, sex, religion or other group characteristic. And should we further multiculturalism and diversity?  My answer to the first question is no unless required by law. an example would be if a county jail had an opening for a corrections officer position, anyone meeting the requirements should have an equal chance of being hired.  That county jail however has to be in compliance with laws requiring them to hire a set percentage of female officers.  That jail accepting applications for a female officer position would not be violating any laws hiring a female over a male in this instance.  The same would go for certain ethnic groups as well.  Equal opportunity employment laws allows for legal racism and sexism.  Religion is the exception to the rule.  That same county jail would not be required to hire a Hindu just to meet a set percentage of that particular religion. However, not hiring the Hindu solely based on his or her practicing religion would be wrong and most importantly, illegal. 

Merriam-Webster defines multiculturalism as relating to or made up of several different cultures.  I do believe we should further it to save and preserve all the cultures that make up America.  We are called the melting pot of the world.  That is because of all our culture living together.  I would like to say in peace and harmony, but that is not always the case.  The diversity of our own culture is what makes us unique from some people and the same as others.  We would be a boring people if we were all the same.