Art All Around Us-With a Twist

The painting looks very vibrant due to the use of color and due to the double shot of images placed side by side. This work of art pictures a matador on the left side, whereas a caricatured, somewhat cartoon-ized image appears on the right side.  It appears as if the figures in the painting have come to life. Instead of a static figure the characters in the painting appears to be emerging out from the 2-D surface to the world outside the painting.  The artwork consists of two equally sized images. The visual impact of these two figures is very vivid. The choice of colors and the contrast is very noticeable.  Similarly, the use of photograph on one side and the animated cartoon-like character makes the viewers wonder. The minimal details on the right side makes a person feel as if they can touch the bare metal on the automaton.

Likewise, the use of red color on the cloth and the pink socks give the painting a carnivalesque look.  This contrasts with the dry sand in the background. Due to the angle of light from which the photo is taken, there’s barely a shadow. This lack of shadow creates an element of heat. It appears as if the viewers can feel the heat of the Spanish landscape behind the matador. Likewise, the photograph and the cartoon-image juxtaposed together create a bizarre effect. The viewer feels him/herself in the scene of the image on the left and it looks as if one would just hear the rambling and hissing of an angry bull in the background. Likewise, the viewer can also feel him/herself transported into the image on the left, into its empty 3-D plane of the graphic imaging software and one can feel his/her eyes being dimmed by this dull color.



Today you will try your hand at writing a descriptive essay. This writing assignment includes a trip to the HCCC art gallery. After viewing the art, you will choose one piece to use as your essay focus. At no time may you include the title or author of the art you are using.


This is a one page informal writing assignment which must be typed using the MLA format.. Your essay will clearly indicate consideration of each of the elements of a descriptive essay we discussed in class. I suggest you refer to your notes and your textbooks.


 Our essay will be peer reviewed and edited. Now the interesting twist comes to light, we will see if your description is clear enough for your peer editor to determine your  piece of art.


 I trust you will enjoy you trip to the gallery!



  1. Describe something vividly to the reader using strong sensory details.
  2. Sensory details appeal to the five human senses
  3. Start with the writer’s main impression of painting
  4. Use of spatial order