Method of diversity training in the workplace

Review this video: 


What are your thoughts on this method of diversity training in the workplace? What would be your advice to a co-worker who wanted to use this method of diversity training in your place of employment?


Using the EEOC website, research and in 250 words, summarize a recent employment law case that has been filed by the EEOC. What was the legal issue? Do you believe this case has merit?

Based of this video, I must say that I do not agree with how they decided to do the training regarding diversity.  Even though, in my opinion people try to be politically correct when it comes to working on how others view their co-workers, there are too many stereotypes out there.  When the woman was talking to the man she added a disclaimer before she spoke but one should not have to do that when dealing with diversity.(  I would never want a co-worker to handle diversity in that sort of manner because it is labeling all people in that ethnicity, which is wrong.  I do believe that it was simply a comic thing but many people may be hurt by this type of diversity training.  If diversity training is necessary within the workplace, trying to use positive clues or statements  would be much more helpful and I think the employees will feel better about the training.




Evans Fruit, an apple producer in the United States was ordered to pay $272,000 to 20 claimants resulting from a settlement dealing with sexual harassment and retaliation claims that went before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The company has also said that they will make sure the workers are not the target of any type of retaliation due to their involved in the lawsuit and/or settlement.  In 2010 several of the female farm workers had been dealing with sexual harassment at the ranch over a long period of time.  They won a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the farm and the manger Juan Marin who allegedly threatened and intimidated the workers for being involved in the investigation.  The following year in September of 2011 another lawsuit was filed stating the alleged intimidation was an illegal retaliation.( This was an interesting case to me because the workers were allegedly intimated by the staff at the farm because they were tired of being sexually harassed.  It is very troubling to me how people think they can just do illegal acts to another person without any type of consequences for their actions.  I do think, in my opinion this case has a ton of merit because in this case the woman were being harassed for many years and did not speak out, and once they did they were made to feel as if harm was to come their way; which is wrong.( Any person who works should be allowed to go to work without fear of being harassed or even if they are they should be able to protect themselves without having to feel that they will have retaliation for speaking out.