Review this video: 


What are your thoughts on this method of diversity training in the workplace? What would be your advice to a co-worker who wanted to use this method of diversity training in your place of employment?


Using the EEOC website, research and in 250 words, summarize a recent employment law case that has been filed by the EEOC. What was the legal issue? Do you believe this case has merit?

After watching the video, I feel that this type of ‘diversity’ is not best suited for the workplace. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same sense of humor and/or sensitivity and may be incredibly offended by this type of training exercise. With this type of training, a great responsibility is placed upon those in charge to ensure that the most effective training is executed, while ensuring that everyone is still comfortable with the content. I feel that diversity has a huge place and presence in the workplace which is invaluable in so many different ways. With various viewpoints, backgrounds, races, and religions comes amazing innovation. With an open line of communication, the workplace can an incredible environment, however, this was not a proper demonstration of how to make someone comfortable in their work environment and/or with their coworkers.


Workplace diversity aids a company in a variety of ways through gaining mutual respect, creating constructive conflict resolution, strengthening a business’s reputation, increasing exposure, and in job promotion. (Mayhew p 1). With workplace diversity comes a mutual respect among employees as there is a large amount of different experiences that can collaborate with one another to create amazing ideas and innovations. As conflict is apart of life because there will almost always be a different way to view something, finding a way to diffuse a situation both constructively and without hurt feelings is apart of wokplace diversity working fluently. With diversity also comes exposure for employees to various backgrounds and cultures that they otherwise may not have encountered in their every day life. My advise would be to tone down the overall intention and message demonstrated in this video. It is a far different thing to suggest to your mom that she might consider the chicken on the grill next time (because it was dry), and telling her that her chicken was disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself. It is not about the message, it is how the message is put. There are some things that are relevant to the work environment and some things that are not, as such should not be discussed in this manner.


Recently, the EEOC filed a lawsuit against Texas Roadhouse in an age discrimination lawsuit. They were accused of not hiring those individuals that are age 40 and older for front of the house positions. As such, Texas Roadhouse was subject to a lawsuit for age discrimination, which in my opinion holds merit. It ended in a $12 million settlement agreement to those affected by this injustice and those denied the positions are eligible for compensation in regarding this matter. Legally, no one is allowed to discriminate on someone based upon their age, which is what was being done in this matter. In addition to the settlement agreement of $12 million, they were also required to increase their font of the house position holders to include those individuals that are 40 years of age and over.