Reflection on Short Story: Gardner

The short story that was chosen for me is The Gardener. One of the elements in this story I felt is important to this story is that it was written from a point of view element of literature. When this story starts it is written in third person from the eyes of main characters aunt. The story uses third person as to use the Aunt to explain each character as she see it. In this story I first thought it was about a gardener and the whole time I was reading it I thought that it was about a gardener.

The reason that it was important for the Author to tell it from the point of view of one of its characters was because in this story the other characters was either deceased or the youth that she was raising. And at the end of the story the young man that she was raising had died and the caretaker of the cemetery was the person who she called The Gardener. That is what she felt he was but gave a small detail to let me know that he was the caretaker. When righting a story in the point of view of someone else you get more details of the characters and the story is then seen from someone else’s eyes. Also being that it was told from third person it limited some of the information and I had to form some opinion about what the feelings and expressions were.


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