Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using export controls to effectively stem the tide of high-tech equipment to countries who do not share our political or democratic beliefs.  Provide an example. 

Export controls are when there is regulation on shipments or transfers, in any way, when items are controlled against export from the country, like software or technology or certain services. This is usually done in the interest of national security, also in economic and foreign concerns. It is a complicated network of federal agencies that make rules and regulations on exports of certain products. If a university for example does not abide by those rules, it can be prosecuted with criminal penalties. These controls can be mostly on military and defense services, high performance computers, encryption technologies, nuclear technology, medical equipment and much more. The strengths are many, like not giving any advantage for foreign countries that the US is not on good terms with, to exceed the US using that technology. Sanctioned countries are like Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan. The weakness of export control is that it can affect some businesses, jobs and economic interests.