Legality and Morality of Abortion

I believe the relationship between the legality and morality of abortion is a very fine line, and a hot button topic amongst many groups and individuals. The difference in legality and morality comes down to whether the federal government, or local government, should regulate what is morally acceptable or allowable. I am very much against abortion, unless medically necessary. I reached this decision a long time ago, based off my view on the morality of murder and the living state of the fetus, which is another staple in the abortion argument. However, my feelings are the federal government should not be able to dictate whether someone is allowed to make the decision, be it pro-life or pro-choice. It is not my job, or right, to be able to judge other people, condemn them, or make any other decisions about them, solely based on their decision to have an abortion or not. Not everyone will agree on this and most people will never change from one view point to another.

My morals and values are mine, and mine alone. All I can hope to do is have educated conversations with others about uncomfortable topics, try to show my point of view, and not to be so close-minded that I am unwilling to hear out the other side of the argument. With topics as controversial as abortion, there is little hope that there will be commonality reached between political parties. The best I can hope for is strict medical regulations and, that whatever the choice is, the best medical care and standards are available.