Question 1 Is Richeson’s problem one of time management or general managerial ability? Would it be feasible to engage a management consultant to help solve the firm’s problems?

Richeson’s problem is most definitely a managerial problem for a few different reasons. First of all, Richeson needs to focus on getting his employees to do what needs to be done. I have personally seen this problem in a work place, where the manager just simply cannot control his/her employees. I would say it would be a great idea to engage a management consultant to help solve the problem inside the business. This could show employees that Richeson means business.

Question 2 If Richeson asked you to recommend some type of outside management assistance, would you recommend a SCORE counselor, a student consulting team, a CPA firm, a management consultant, or some other type of assistance? Why?

Honestly, a lot of those listed above are wonderful ideas for Richeson to engage his firm with. If I were in his position, I would start off with a management consultant, mainly because like said above I have seen this happen in a business before, where the managers just simply cannot get ahold of the employee’s attention in order to do their job correctly. A management consultant could help to show not only Richeson how to better manage his employees, but could also show the employees how to better understand what Richeson needs in order to keep the business thriving and running smoothly.

Question 3 If you were asked to improve this company’s management system, what steps would you take first? What would be your initial goal?

My initial goal would be to first of all, create a central business location in order to keep everyone close and around the same area. This could improve communication and motivation. It could also improve lack of observation on the employees for the managerial portion of the problems.