The video has provided an in depth introduction to two research designs i.e. quantitative and qualitative research designs. I found this video helpful because it has defined both the researches and explained the primary differences between them. Also there are many diagrammatic explanations of how these researches are carried out in the real world. for example in the video, it is explained with the help of diagrams that quantitative research is deductive and it is top down starting from a hypothesis and ending at conclusions of the research studies while qualitative research designs are inductive and opposite to quantitative where we analyze patterns in the data at hand and form our hypothesis. I really enjoyed the part of the video where the illustrator explains which research design would be used in which sort of population. For example if you have to conduct a research in an unknown population, you can collect some data of interest and find different patterns in it and form your hypothesis and further carry on your studies. In my research work, I believe that this video would be helpful in making a decision about which of the two research designs I would need to use to successfully conduct my research.