Movie Reflection: V for Vendetta

The plot

V for Vendetta is an action thriller movie that I based on a plot related to British politics after a World War (supposedly WWIII). In the movie it is depicted that Britain has become a police where the leader of conservative party is ruling the country and crushes any opposition with force. This is a fascist government in which there is no sign of freedom of speech. People are tried for treason for anything they say against the government oppression.

The main character in the movie, V, is depicted to use terrorist tactics to fight against the government and try and educate the people of the country to raise their voices and get rid of the government. In his fight against the government, he, Mr. V, saves a women called Evey from the secret police and she them becomes his ally after different events that convinces her that V is doing the right thing by fighting against the government. V himself was exposed to a government experiment in which all his skin was burnt which is also a motive for V to fight against the government as government has used humans as guinea pig to try new defense products.

Towards the end of the movie, V is killed after he kills the ruler of the country. Before his death, V has already prepared an underground train with enough explosives that could blow up the British Parliament. Evey, presses the button to turn on the train to travel towards the parliament, in the presence of the head of the secret police who seem in agreement of this action. The dead body of V is already in the same train. In the final scenes, we can see British Parliament blowing up in flames.



This movie is among my favorite movies. I would say that we should not understand the movie in its literal sense. For example blowing up the British Parliament does not men doing it literally. The movie has a message all over it that needs to be extracted from the different dialogues and scenes. For me, the blowing up of the Parliament signifies the rooting out of the corrupt and oppressor government and bringing back real democracy to a country. All over then world we see many dictatorships and democracies. But are the democracies really functional? I don’t think so. We should be able to always fight for our rights of free expression and do not let the countries that we live in become police states in which there we would not be allowed to talk freely about our rights. Same is the cause V is fighting for. I know that it is difficult most of the times to talk against powerful rules who most of the times are dictators but may also become rules through dysfunctional democracies. But then keeping shut would be just like living in North Korea. We should always defend our rights and the right of others to make the world a better place to live in.