Organizational FIRO-B for Predicting Team Behavior

Did the FIRO-B accurately predict your team’s behavior or not?

FIRO-B has a fundamental function of predicting the behavior of the team members. In a group working together, it can be an amazing tool to predict the behaviors of the different team members. Having said that, it may not be always accurate. For me, an accurate prediction is not what I expect from FIRO-B. I just expect it to elaborate some aspects of the group behaviors.

How did your actual work differ from the predicted?

The predicted work may be different from what was actually achieved. This could happen due to different environmental factors. Or may be due to the difference of schedules for different group members. Having said that, it a prediction tool and not something that would tell you everything 100% correct. So once some predictions are made, the end results may not be according to it, there might be difference of different magnitude between what is predicted and what was actually achieved.

To what extent did you experience conflict?  If so, did you resolve it?  How?

When different people come together to perform a task, they may have conflicts, but as time passes, these conflicts dilute and with proper communication further conflicts can be avoided. I think that the involvement of all team members is really important. If there are team members who are not taking full interest, this might have a negative influence on the overall functioning of the group and could cause conflicts.