Memorandum for Organization Layoffs



TO: Jerry


DATE: 15th February, 2017

SUBJECT: Organization Layoffs

The purpose of this memo is to initiate a communication process which will act as a facilitator for the layoff of some of the employees of the Weymouth Steel Corporation. This process is in pending at the moment and there is a definite need to initiate this process to address the financial issues at the steel mill. There are already some cutbacks made at the steel mills processes but the financial issues of the steel mill have not improved and the sustainability of the company is at danger in current circumstances.

To begin the communication process, there is a need for an immediate meeting of the management to set together and review the steps already been taken and the need for further compulsory steps that need to be taken. There are bold decisions needed in this regard and the management needs to be taken on board.

There were some measures taken to stop staff reduction and layoff in the form of different financial cuts in different processes. There is an immediate need to get the documents related to these measures. Also there were some measures to shut down the non-productive plants and the modernization of some other plants was put to a halt.  The management can review the documentation and be in a better position to communicate their decisions regarding the need for the reduction in the number of employees to the top management with documented statistics and other information.

There are many employees working of either hourly basis or on a salary. There are around two thousand total employees, one third of which need to be fired. Communicating this to the staff will be a hard task. After the management meeting, Mr. Weymouth should draft a letter explaining the reasons behind the decision of layoff of the one third employees and why it is extremely important. This letter should be inclusive of the fact regarding the 25% decrease in the business done by the steel mill in the past.

The employees would need to be notified in a certain manner and the layoff information must be provided in an efficient manner to deal with the frustration that it will create. The Executive V.P, Mr. Byron Miller, should draft a memo in this regard. This memo should include information about the dates the employs layoff would be in effect.

The role of the Human Resource (HR) is really important in this regard. They should formulate a layoff packet that consists of the termination notice by the top management of the steel mill and the details of the different employs effected by it with the dates of their termination being mentioned. The layoff packet should include information about the benefits each employee would get, their personal records for the unemployment agency, and other necessary information. The employees should sign their termination notice to avoid legal complications in the future.

The above steps need to be taken immediately, to take in confidence the employs of the plant and also inform them about the real circumstance of the steel mill. The manner in which this information will be disseminated would affect the outcome of the process as there is a possibility that the employs may not receive this information as something in that is in their best interest.

In the second level of communication, the letter by Mr. Weymouth should be given to all the staff when they arrive at the meeting to communicate the necessary decisions to them.

In the third level of communication, which will be a start of the process of layoff itself, the HR would need to arrange meetings with the personnel who would be fired. The letter from Mr. Weymouth should be provided to print and electronic media to make the news public.

We are all aware that this is not the best news the stakeholder, mill staff and the community expects. We should use all our resources to counter all the rumors that would be resulted with this news. There are for sure expected outcomes that may not be anticipated at this stage but, as a company, we need to be proactive and vigilant. We would need to minimize the negative impact of this news and utilize the opportunity to bring the steel mill back to its feet.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to express my thought. I would be more than happy to provide any assistance that is required of me.