Demand for Salary Increase Memorandum


MEMO: Salary Increase


SUBJECT: Demand for Salary Increase


I would like to communicate my deep confidence in the benefit and compensation system of the company before I start to address the central concern. There is no doubt that our business does its best to establish a fair work environment for all as well as compensates the staff adequately in this regard. This is why I also find pride in being a part of the esteemed organization. A duration of two years have flown since I started working here and I have found myself more dedicated, motivated as well as devoted every next year. Being in the portion of a highly professional team is inspiring in itself. The growth and learning I have achieved in this environment is also a source of satisfaction for me. I would also like to thank the company as well as you all regarding the opportunities and the environment that you have provided me and which makes sure for continued learning and growth.

I have also registered some major achievement within this period for which my efforts were appreciated by the leadership team too. I believe I have continued to work with dedication for long and without letting the quality of my job decline. I also have professional advanced my knowledge over the last year as well as skills through the various projects I managed and by taking lead roles. Even, for now, I am working on an organization wide project as the project lead which is more than 50 percent complete. Apart from it all, I am an employee with value who holds a bachelor degree and have not ever asked for a raise since I joined.

However, what I was bringing to your attention is related to my compensation. Some variables outside our workplace and industry are changing. While the industry averages are significantly above my current salary level, I am yet to receive an increase since I joined. My current salary level is the same as many of my junior colleagues. In this regard, I wished to request a small pay raise of 10 percent that brings my salary level from 75000 dollars to 82,500 dollars. Kindly note that I have not requested a raise since I joined while my workload has dramatically increased and the tasks assigned to me are highly visible to the executive management. Moreover, I am a dedicated and loyal employee, and it would be worth making the investment since I plan to work for a long-term with the company. I have proved my worth during the previous years and will continue to in the coming years through my dedication. However, compared to the current industry levels my salary does not match with my role and my tasks.

As I have already highlighted above, in no conditions I have let my performance suffer. It has always remained my focus and motivation to do the best for my organization as well as provide as much as I can through my performance. In this regard, my only suggestion is that my salary is reviewed and increased so as to make it commensurate with the industry average as well as suitable according to the rising living standard costs. The rising living costs are a major problem for any employee who has to spend away a significant part of his monthly paycheck on his monthly consumption. As a result savings are a distant dream for a person in my position. I believe you can understand my situation and will consider my request in due course. This increase is going to add to my motivation as well as ensure that my performance keeps increasing in the future.