Write down five test cases to test either the modules or the discussions pages of the Canvas Web application using data from this course.

Following is a detail of five test cases to test either of the pages of the Canvas Web Application


To test the functionality of the different sections of the Canvas Application, we have to check if the links that may be guiding inside the Canvas or outside the Canvas are properly working. We also need to check if the form are submitting the data that is intended to submit. Also the speed and functioning of MySQL database is important to check.


We have to test Canvas with the help of some subject people to see of the Canvas is an easy learning platform and if they can easily navigate through its different sections.

Server Side

The server side keeps a log of different activities of who logs in to the Canvas and what they do around it. It has to be tested as well.


We have to be sure that Canvas is secure and the passwords and/or other identity information of its users is not compromised.

Client Side Compatibility

It is pertinent to test if Canvas would work with the many internet browsers and devices that different people logging in to the system would use.