ENG 302 Instructions

Your Mechanics of English assignment is due 1/30.  The reading assignment is in Blackboard –  week of 1/26 online class assignments.


For this assignment you’re not going to post a mechanics of English assignment response to Blackboard.  Instead, you’re going to email me your assignment results.


This assignment will give you a chance to review some points of grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling you might have forgotten.


After you finish the readings, go to online, interactive exercises on




Look at the lists of exercises on the left of this page.  Click on Grammar, and then on the other exercise areas.  Go through at least five exercises in areas where you want practice. Then check your answers.


You won’t post a response to this assignment in Blackboard.  Instead, you will summarize your efforts in an email to me.   Questions you’ll answer:


Which exercises did you choose? How did you do?  You don’t have to tell me exactly which questions you missed; tell me the total for each exercise.


You might write something like:


These are my exercise scores.


  1. Grammar Exercise. Adjective or Adverb, Exercise 1. 15 out of 16 correct.
  2. Sentence Style. Eliminating Wordiness, Exercise 2. 5 out of 5 correct.
  3. Sentence Structure. Subject-Verb Agreement. 22 out of 23 correct.
  4. Sentence Structure. Sentence Fragments, Exercise 1. 16 out of 16 correct.
  5. Punctuation Exercise. Commas, Exercise 4. 14 out of 18.



And you’ll tell me what you thought of your performance in each exercise you tried.


Complete the online exercises and send me your email by 1/30.






Start reading the Budget Simulation assignment explanations in Blackboard if you haven’t already done so.


The Budget Simulation annotated bibliography file is in the


week of 1/20 Part 2 of 2 – Library research review


course content learning module in Blackboard.


You’ll see what you’re going to do for your Budget Simulation project annotated bibliography, but you really won’t start that annotated bibliography for a few days.


The Budget Simulation assignment description – introduction file is in the


week of 1/27 – start Budget Simulation project


course content learning module in Blackboard.


The link to the online Budget Simulation application/game we’ll be using is in our readings list.


I give other information about the Budget Simulation project later in Blackboard.  You can read that information later in the term, or you can start that reading now.


If you have questions, ask me specific questions about specific parts of the Budget Simulation project.




from our readings list read


Writing short reports


before the Budget Simulation status report is due (3/8)




Writing short reports


Read these guidelines about writing status/progress reports before the Budget Simulation status report is due (3/8)


progress reports:





This reading will give you subheadings/categories of information you need to include in your status report (due in email 3/8)