You have just been hired as a marketing assistant at Sweet Greens (congrats!). Your first task is to identify the values that are driving people to eat at Sweet Greens. Write a short memo to your boss explaining 1) what values are? 2) What the different ways in which consumer researchers can assess values. In particular, 3) explain what a means-End Chain Analysis is, how it works, ho you go about doing it, what the results look like, and why it would be useful for them.


To: XYZ (Boss)


Date: April 18, 2017


I am so excited to be a part of Sweet Greens. I would like to make some suggestions about the values that exist at Sweet Greens and which are driving customers in.

First I would like to identify these values. Sweet Greens has become a part of the popular culture and our consumer trust us for our prices and the uncompromised quality of our eating products. We need to assess these their level of trust on us and how can we make our quality and prices up to their expectations.

We can hire market researchers who can use research techniques like dividing different consumers based on segments. These segments can be based on the age and purchasing power of different consumers. I think segmenting the consumers would provide the researchers to effectively assess their trust and expectation levels and suggest improvements.

Mean-End analysis can also help understand the link between what the product means to the consumers. By doing this analysis, we would be able to know what are the values consumers are looking for in our products and what makes the consumers identify themselves with our particular products if it does.

I would like to thank you for your time and would look forward to hear from you.