SOC 100 Exam 4

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Hidden curriculum refers to


Self-fulfilling prophecy based on how teachers perceive students
Benefits children receive from their parents’ social class
Teaching students to submit to authority and accept the dominant ideology
Placing students in college prep or vocational-technical academic paths


According to lecture, what is NOT one of the advantages of Community Colleges?


Opportunities for minority and older students
Lower academic requirements for acceptance
Tougher academic requirements for graduation
Lower tuition



Approximately what percentage of Americans hold a college degree?


50 percent
35 percent
90 percent
5 percent


As agents of socialization, schools

teach students to obey authority.
transmit academic content.
socialize students for the workplace.
all of the above


The concept of the sacred encompasses 

the practices required or expected of members of a faith.
elements or objects that inspire religious awe, respect, and even fear
a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to profane things.
the elements of life humans do not understand.


Which of the following is true about new religious movements or cults?

They are generally small, alternative faith communities that represent either a new religion or a major innovation in an existing faith.
They are large, organized religions that are not officially linked to the state or government.
They are religious groups that are the outgrowth of sects, yet remain isolated from society.
They are relatively small religious groups that have broken away from a religious organization to renew what they consider the original vision of the faith.


Karl Marx suggested that religion 

helps perpetuate patterns of social inequality.
serves as an opiate of the masses.
plays an important role in propping up the existing social structure.
all of the above


Social movements are becoming increasingly local as opposed to global.




Which social movement theory refers to enhancing shared existing ideologies to draw attention to a particular social problem? 

resource mobilization
relative deprivation
new social movements


The U.S. public educational system (k-12) is supposed to provide equal opportunities for all students. Discuss some of the reasons why it does not or cannot.

The US public education system (K-12) does strive to provide all the children with equal educational opportunities so that they can explore their capabilities. But, in some cases, it may not be possible for the educational system to deliver. This is due to a variety of reasons. The first reason is the educational status of the parents of underprivileged children. No matter how good the schools and its education is, parents are not able to help their children at homes to benefit from the education. They may not be able to provide their children with the required environment due to lack of education or lack of resources. Another reason is the administrative system itself. In poor areas, the educational administrations system may be not fully functional and may not be able to yield positive results that are expected by the US public education system. The resources provided may not be productively utilized.


The primary sector of an economy refers to


The conversion of natural resources to consumer goods
Providing information and services
Providing both manufactured goods and services
The extraction of natural resources



According to lecture, which of the following is true about the rust belt?


It is limited to only the north and northeast of the United States
Only a small portion of American workers were negatively affected
It has affected many American rural towns and small cities in the heartland
Its effects are completely over with – in the past



According to most scientific studies, global warming, or global climate change, is happening.