Why is the teen segment an important one for marketers? What are some of the difficulties of conducting research on this segment?


The teen segment is important to marketers because they constitute the transition from childhood to adulthood. Companies want to attract the teenagers because they would be the future runners of families and inverting on them through marketing campaigns is investing in potential long term loyal consumers for the production and services offered by companies. They comprise a significant discretionary spending power. There are several characteristics as Influencers: They have Influence on family purchases. They have strong peer influence. They have highly pursued by Marketers: There are merchants of Cool documentary.

However, there are various difficulties that marketers face because teenage years are considered the “troubled” year so they consider teenagers as irresponsible, and rude. Yet, since their characteristics are too often shop for them and them always seeking to experiment with products, marketers focus on this segment very much. Due to the perception that the teenagers are careless, researchers may find it hard to consider the data that is acquired from them as valid and reliable.