IMC Project: Marketing Campaign NASHMI Saudi Arabia 


Nashmi is the Saudi Arabian clothing company. It is a very trustworthy company. They make very durable products for their customer, and they have a very good image in public eye because of their charitable works. Alhokair Fashion Retail is another company from Saudi Arabia and also sell clothes. They are epic rivals of Nashmi. Our job is to make a marketing plan for Nashmi to get more sales and gain good image over Alhokair Fashion Retail. After applying our marketing strategies, we will see how much revenue has improved over the previous years.

Marketing plan

Marketing is the process or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

There are a number of sources available for markets in modern days we will try to use all of them to target our group of audience. Nashmi makes clothing for Saudi Arabia’s royal dignitaries so the audience is quite selective and the cost of marketing would be reduced.

As our goal for marketing is clear that we have to increase the sales of Nashmi and improve the image of the company which already has a very good image in the customer’s eyes. Another good thing that we can use our campaign is that the durability of our product.

As per television marketing, the MBC Drama is the most famous television channel of the Saudi Arabia we will advertise our project during the prime time 8-9 pm. The audience we are targeting, most of them watch these prime time dramas especially ladies and teenage girls who buy the 60% of the products sold by the company (, 2017).

Next, we will advertise our product on the cover pages of some the most read magazines in Saudi Arabia i.e. Hia and Nature Arabia edition.

For social media advertising campaign, we would hit the Facebook and YouTube which are the two most frequently used websites in Saudi Arabia.

As far as the new paper or print media is concerned, we would pay Arab news and al Jazirah to show our product on their cover pages very often.

We have chosen 72 AND SUNNY and LEGO for as our advertising agencies. Both of these companies are world’s top ad agencies (Pickton, 2001). Here is the chart that shows the change in our sales per year and is compared with the competitor  Alhokair Fashion Retail.

Company Year Revenue % Change Operational income %age change
Nashmi 2014 $253.4 M N/A $21.1 M N/A
Alhokair Fashion Retail 2014 $253.4 M N/A $22.1 M N/A
Nashmi 2015 $292.7 M 15.5% $24.4 M 15.6%
Alhokair Fashion Retail 2015 $293.4 M 16.1% $25.1 M 15.9%
Nashmi 2016 $408.7 M 39.6% $29.7 M 21.7%
Alhokair Fashion Retail 2016 $333.4 M 16.7% $21.1 M 16.1%


In years 2015 we applied are an advertising campaign, above you can see the clear difference in the chart.


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