Case Study: Online Fundraising Supports Research into Rare Genetic Disorder

1) How did FPWR leverage CiviCRM to grow its donor base?

To increase the amount of donation FPWR required to adopt to a CRM or customer relationship management system to connect efficiently with its donors. In the case study, the C in CRM is replace by D and its works out well as DRM or Donor Management System.

FPWR started to use CiviCRM which is free of any cost and is specific to managing donor for charities. They used CiviCRM to develop their OneSmallStep (OSS) for research initiative. This has helped FPWR bring together 500 fundraisers. CiviCRM is used not only to connect to the donors but also recruit fundraisers.

2)  Your university almost certainly solicits donations from its graduates.  How do its donor management requirements differ from those of FPWR?  How are they similar?

It is different as the graduates are already related to the university and somehow owe it to the university. In the case of FPWR, the charity is not necessarily related to the donors and they don’t have a specific donor pool just like university graduates.

Donations in both the case are similar as both do not give anything in return and are one way. I mean the university students are already graduates and are not dependent on the university anymore just like donors to FPWR.