American University Career Service

Students of American University had been complaining about not being able to identify suitable jobs in the job market that are related to their degrees and coursed. One of the step that American University has taken in regards to the anxiousness of student in getting a job after they have completed their degree is to offer workshops regarding how to find jobs and how to apply to these jobs. In these workshops, they bring in experts who have been working as career counsellors and let them guide American University students who are in the final stages of their degrees about searching and applying for jobs.


Based on how American University’s Career Service helps students be familiar with techniques to search and apply for jobs, I would recommend Marymount University to hire professionals with career counselling expertise as part of their carrier services. This would provide the students an opportunity to get professional career help from these experts so they do not get psychological help while being confused about what they might do after their degree completion. The Career Service can also have dedicate telephone line which can be utilized by student seeking career guidance. Annual seminars, workshops and job fairs can also be helpful in this regard.


We have been able to identify a few problems that exist at the career service center at Marymount University. We have researched career service centers at University of Oxford, University of Mary and American University and come up with plausible solutions to the identified problems. We hope that the implementation of these solutions would enhance the quality of services provided at career service center, Marymount University.