Why Google has been named the #1 company to work for?

  • Post 1Explain how Google meets Standard
    • #3 – innovation?
    • #6 – responsibility to community and environment?
    • #9 – ability to attract, develop, and retain talent?


To maintain the standard Innovation of company Google has some ideas, principles which are applied and adapted to the organization from which the leaders can learn and apply them in their work. They set some principle of innovation. They use the bold, crazy, and big ideas. Google uses the predictive analysis to improve the capability of search speed so that search suggestion comes when the user types some keystrokes. They make their aim to be better ten times than another company. They give 20% of their time to the employees of the company to discuss the projects for which they are passionate. They allow all user to open all the processes. For innovation, it is essential that there is collaboration which is maintained by Google by allowing to share information with each other. This makes the transparency in the company. In Google, everyone has a purpose and mission which helps to fulfill their aim and also helps in to maintain the standard innovation of the company. The idea of diversity is also another point that helps Google to accomplish the innovation standard. They always come up with unique products and services. The idea of innovation is adapted while hiring the employees, developing and retaining them.

Responsibility to community and environment?

Google meets the standard of responsibility to community and environment by Google green corporate effort which uses the resources efficiently and also supports the power of renewable. But turning off light and recycling does more for the company Google than another type of cost. Investment by Google in these efforts put it in the top list of the companies. Google save an average of 50 percent in the power requirement data centers. These savings have been used in other areas of business. Google benefit from practicing social responsibility and from being green. By installing energy efficient lights, recycling, and telecommuting results in cost saving the Google can meet the standard of responsibility to community and environment.

The ability to attract, develop, and retain talent?

To maintain the standard of ability to attract, develop, and retain talent of the company, Google gives highest average salary to employees to place the best talent in their company. By giving their portfolio of free products which include YouTube, Google Drive Service, and Google Maps. They provide such environment to their employees where they feel the pride to tell another people that they work with Google. High incentives and benefits are some other ways to retain the best employees. Google recognize the employees who give an extraordinary performance and thus able to meet this standard.