• Identify a company you would possibly like to work for some day
  • Visit the company’s website and research the HR Department, Jobs/Careers section, and other sections you think may apply
  • For your first post, submit the following information on the DB by Thursday at noon.
    • Do you think the list is complete? Why or why not?
    • What other social media would you suggest? Why?
    • Share your first impressionof the “careers” section on your company’s website
    • Identify the different ways you can contact the recruiter with social media
    • What else did you learn about the company/see on the company’s website that impressed you and makes you want to apply for a job?

Company I would like to work for: Saudi Aramco

URL of The Company: http://www.saudiaramco.com/en/home.html

The company that I will possibly like to work for someday is Aramco Company. It is a Company based in Dharan, Saudi Arabia and deals with the sale of national gas as well as petroleum products. According to me, I think the list regarding the social media websites that this company is using is complete. The company is using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn which makes it a complete list in my openion.

By using these kinds of social media, Aramco Company will not only aid enhance its primary mode of communication, but it will substantially boost and improve its market target and reach as many clients as possible globally.

On the other hand, the impression concerning the Company’s careers is that Aramco has to set in place a more effective HR that will see into it that technological advances had been embraced in the corporation. Equally important, to contact a recruiter through social media starts by going to the company’s website. Next, I will leverage the social media and initiate the power of networking to start sending introduction requests. From there, I wait and see what happens next, e.g., whether I will get the response or not.

Finally, another thing I learned about Aramco Company to an extent I opted to apply for a job is the way the company conducts an extensive range of services to not only help the company alone but to ensure that safe and reliable energy delivery to customers is done around the globe.