Why Google has been named the #1 company to work for?

  • Post 1Explain how Google meets Standard
    • #3 – innovation?
    • #6 – responsibility to community and environment?
    • #9 – ability to attract, develop, and retain talent?


      Google creates special programs like the 20% project for their engineers which encourages them to dedicate 20% of their time on a project outside work responsibilities that could potentially benefit the company. Programs like the 20% project allow engineers to spend more time on projects related to Google. In this way, it encourages continual innovation. Also, Google enables their employees to recharge their creative energies, and in this way, it provides an opportunity for the employees to move into new areas of work while broadening their knowledge base.


      Responsibility to community and environment

      Google donates money to their organization Google.org, and the money is used to focus efforts towards alleviating poverty and addressing energy and environmental concerns. It has also made commitments to programs such as the Acumen Fund which is a non-profit undertaking fund that invests in market-based solutions to global poverty. There also committed to Techno Serve which helps bring together entrepreneurs and assist them in turning good business ideas into thriving and prosperous enterprises. Also, they have a food bank where they keep food to give people during the holidays.


      Ability to attract, develop, and retain talent

      Google treats their employees with respect, supporting their creative endeavors and working hard to keep true to their motto. Google also seeks out creative and entrepreneurial people and provides support for the people’s personal and professional development and growth. They also offer chances to have fun at work as well as their employees like to have fun at work. They also have an internal email dedicated to the discussion of ideas, issues, and complaints. These include thoughts on making products better and making things batter around the company.