There are a number of issues that are impacting the Black LGBT community. Please choose and explain three issues that are impacting the Black LGBT community?  Why are they important?  Do you think they will be solved? If so, how?  If not, why?

There are a lot of issues impacting the Black LGBT community, and they started showing more after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. These problems arise in some cities more than others but it is still a problem that has to be solved. Some of the major issues are: violence, employment discrimination, and poverty.

Violence in the Black LGBT community is at high rates. They experience a disproportional rate of violence compared to others, and according to the FBI, there is a 21 percent higher hate crime against them, making it second most common single-bias category following race.

Employment discrimination is also very important, according to surveys, more than 20 percent of LGBT adults said their employer treated them unfairly because of their sexual orientation. But with Black LGBT, surveys showed that over 50 percent said they experienced discrimination from their employers. 90 percent of Transgender people have reported on-job mistreatment and harassment, and 47 percent claimed they were not hired, or fired because of their gender identity. Some states are making new laws against discrimination related to sexual identity, other states are trying to work on them, and the rest are against making discrimination illegal.

Poverty is mostly a result of employment discrimination, resulting in LGBT becoming homeless, having poor health and lacking basic securities. Statistics found that LGBT workers are more likely to make less annual income than general US population. Transgender surveys showed they are 4 times more likely to make below $10,000 per year than average Americans.

As we see more surveys and statistics, we can conclude that Black LGBT communities are facing many issues that need to be solved quickly, to improve the level of these communities and the country as whole. I believe with time these issues will be resolved, but right now is the hardest part, because many people are still getting used to the idea of marriage equality and being open about LGBT communities.

People have to be more open-minded and support others to make their lives better, we should all work together to improve the wellbeing of all communities including LGBT, support their life choices, and help them become more integrated in society.