Explain the process through which individuals with a certain set of traits might emerge in leadership roles.

The leadership role requires the possession of certain mind set and skills that help the person get through the challenges of leadership. Other than the skills and traits the abilities that are required for the leadership to be successful includes the interpersonal skills, the communication skills and the ability to take decisions effectively and efficient use of resources.

The individual who is to emerge in a leadership role must have the capacity to learn and analyze the situation, the objects, the problems and the people. The person should be kind and truthful in dealing with others and has the sense of emotional intelligence to help resources achieve their targets. The leaders who have the better emotional intelligence capacity tend to be more successful (Nahavandi, 2009). The leadership should be charismatic and have high integrity as well as proper sense of ethics. The traits that include in the successful leadership personality also include the ability of self- analysis to help assess their own success and failures and avoid repetition of the failures.

The leader should also be charismatic and influential using different sources of powers to help direct employees and followers to a certain direction. The collaboration and the ability to maintain healthy workplace environment are also the part of the leadership traits that link with the ability of conflict resolution and the ability to maintain the work-life balance of the followers and for themselves.


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