In a local or national newspaper, find an article about a topic related to business ethics. Read the article. Then, write 3–5 paragraphs that answer one of the following questions:

Article: (“Forbes Welcome”, 2016)

  1. Explain what the article is about.

The article is about the power of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and utilizing them as a tool for cutting edge marketing campaign. The article suggests that before Google AdWords used to be the most influential advertisement tool on internet but now endorsements by people mostly celebrities who have a high number of followers.

  1. Discuss how the company described in the article developed a “cutting edge” marketing campaign.

The article is not about a specific company, instead it is about the overall use of utilizing cutting edge advertisement in the field of social media. There are many celebrities who are followed by millions of followers. These celebrities are reached out by different advertisement agencies to endorse product on their behalf. They might be paid huge amounts of money just to share an already existing advertisement on their social media pages.

  1. Is there any part of this campaign that you would consider deceptive or unfair to any consumers? If so, how? How might such an advertising campaign be changed going forward to alleviate some of your concerns?

Personally, the whole idea of endorsements is unethical to me. I mean there is no guarantee that the endorsing celebrity s using the product or they have ever bought that product. But they use the love and trust they get from their followers to endorse products only to receive financial gains and nothing else.

In my opinion, the celebrities who endorse a product should first do some kind of research to know the advantages and disadvantages of the products that they may endorse. If they find that the product is not in the best interest of their followers, they should never endorse it.