This story argues for what we like to call “freedom of the dress.” Do you agree with this argument? Do people need to be told what to wear? If so, who gets to decide? If public nudity were legal, would everybody walk around naked all the time? Would you?

I think there should be some limitations on the freedom of the dress. It is always important to consider the social regulations and customs on dressing, such that it would be absurd to be publicly nude in a society that values dressing up women to the point of covering their faces. In fact, people would risk their lives by going publicly nude in places such as this, so it is best to be careful on how one dresses oneself. In fact, clothing can attract a lot of unnecessary attention, as physical appearance can cause a chain reaction of many other things. When the manager claims that he wants the girls decently dressed (Updike), he’s implying that rules should be kept in certain places such as the grocery store, and they must show a level of respect through how they dress.