Essay: Impact of physical activities and sports in treatment of trauma

Sports and other physical activities increase self-determination, active coping, and attachment which reduce symptoms of trauma among traumatized individuals. The concept of trauma-informed sports has been studied by researchers to find its importance in treating trauma in adolescent girls in trauma treatment places. trauma-informed sports means changing sports activities by using trauma principles and concepts from well-known successful therapies. For example, coaches are trained about how to deal individuals during the game to help them gain confidence, and maintain healthy behaviors. Players are trained to experience and handle stress situations during the game. They are also provided opportunities to lead teams, support team members and other things to learn and practice social support and relationships building.

Similarly, challenging physical activities like climbing mountain are used with injured soldiers to help them know their strengths. Soldiers learn to use their inner strengths to reach the top despite physical disabilities. Thus it is concluded that physical activities and sports help traumatic people to learn and experience resilience and treat their trauma.