Self-Regulation Process

Write a 3-4 page paper on what you have learned about yourself, include critical thinking, studying techniques, goal making, exploring research, stress management, self-reflection, and making good academic, career, and financial decisions.  Also, provide a critique on how you will use all of these student success strategies to be successful throughout the rest of your program.


During my studies I have been exposed to new horizons of knowledge which totally changed my perspective about me and the world. From the beginner’s courses that developed my confidence and believe in myself to the advanced level courses that gave me skills to become a sound professional, I have covered a journey of knowledge.

I learned about my potential to work as an individual and in overcoming my stage fright to team players where I worked as a potential member of diverse team. I leant tolerance, self-control, confidence that I got from knowledge. I leant about the techniques of knowledge reception and processing in my mind and then effective utilization of the knowledge gained. Throughout the course of studies, I leaned about the perceptive of scholars about the changing dynamics of the world, how individuals changed the face of the world through their determination and hard work. My vision broadened and my views about the world changed. As an individual I find myself more confident and better prepared to face the challenges of professional life.

Before joining a professional undergraduate degree, I lacked in critical thinking and review of situations but after the course of my studies I learnt how to analyze things critically by skimming and scanning through the details of things/situations given. Through analytical skill development I have the ability to face challenges and work out situations that may apparently be against my view point.

Technically I am a sound individual with knowledge of conducting quality research through standard procedures. I can design a project and work it out through application of research methodologies I had learnt about. My ability of exploring new horizons and innovative approaches in research have been enhanced as I learned about the theoretical background of research and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving techniques. Another critically important aspect that I would specifically like to highlight about my personal and professional improvement is that I learnt about effective utilization of my time through time management in all aspects of projects (individual and team tasks) and in academics.

Learning about the work done by researcher all around the globe brings in new ideas in my mind to fine novel and effective solutions for the problems faced by the business and world community. The rapid advancement of the world demands for sustainable and smart solutions for the existing problems. The world is moving at such a fast pace that there is no other option than to modify and develop skills and be part of the race the world is running. This is only approach to survival as the era of the fittest is right here.

During the course of studies, I have learned about the importance of academics in professional life. Where conceptual clarity is s pre-requite for becoming a sound professional academic records are equally important. For instance, a person may be technically sound but lacks the academic requirements set by a hiring firm. The design of courses that I was exposed to were so well set and sequenced that in a stepwise manner my concepts developed from being a naïve in the field of business management I ended up being an innovative thinker striving for designing better solutions and strategies for the problems the world business community is facing. The strong academics provided me with the firm base required for stepping into on the stage of success as a professional.

Throughout my studies, I had experienced different phases of challenges at personal and academic fronts. In my view, such a competitive environment is very helpful as it prepared us to face the challenges of the professional world and corporate sector. Stress management plays a fundamental role is determining the success of an individual. Stress can develop two type of responses in the human mind, either a person’s mind works efficiently and produces better results when stressed or it may completely refuse to handle a situation.

In my case I suppose I am blessed to have a mind setup that works efficiently in times of stress. My mind becomes diverse and can develop solutions for problems that otherwise seem impossible to be worked out when I am provided with a relaxed environment. This training I had received during my studies has further polished stress management skill in me and I expect myself to be an asset for an organization when it comes to working under stress and result oriented workplace environment.

I have developed sound financial knowledge and concepts of the business sector, which is the foremost requirement of for becoming a successful professional in any field. My education has given me a broader vision with foresightedness and innovation in my approach towards management and business scenarios.

I see myself as a well-organized, academically sound individual, with self-potential to handle challenging situations through research and development. I have become skilled in presenting my concepts with confidence and logic, work out stressful situations with valor without panicking. I believe in quality of my work with the essence of advancement and technically sound approach. Through my critical thinking and analytical skills, I am open to ideas and believe in team work, mutual respect and determination.

The skills I have developed during my student life are the keys to success as a professional. My knowledge will give me the confidence in my field, earn me respect in my profession, critical analytical skills will make me a leader and an initiator in stepping up for the challenges of the profession and the composure I have developed through stress management is the most important skill one needs to succeed in any profession.