Which set of adjectives do you think describes the best employee? Why?

Why do you think most selection committees tended to prefer the masculine oriented adjectives?

This study was done in an academic setting.  Do you think the results would be replicated in a business setting?  Why or why not?

Can you think of any careers where the feminine descriptors might be preferred?

If you are writing a letter of recommendation, should you steer clear of feminine language? Should you use only in masculine language? Explain

Hardworking, experienced, passionate, motivated and dedicated are some of the adjectives that define the best employee.

There could be a variety of reasons for selection committees to tend to prefer the masculine adjectives. One of these reasons, as it think it is, is the fact that most of selection committees are dominated by a high presence of men.

Human psychology remains the same across the board, therefore, these results would be replicated in a business setting too.

I think that in nursing carrier feminine descriptors are preferred.

Writing a recommendation letter must be based on reality not perception and personal preferences.