Does money motivate? Develop a detailed argument pro or con.

Does money motivate?

This is a particular question which could be looked at as well as explored from different angles i feel.  For many managers and others at the senior level, it is important to focus on money as they do feel maybe entitled that a higher level of compensation should be given for all the hard work being put in.  But with that idea in mind, there could also be employees who might also end up feel happy or gratified as long as their is some approval of the hard work they have done for the firm. As such, i come to feel that a lot of this is dependent on the type of work a person has, whether they give more focus at monetary or non monetary awards and so forth.

Answer 2

I believe money is one of the most powerful motivators. Certainly money is the most important motivator within the workplace, and in life. It is short if only, and situationally, to love and family. Money may resemble different things to different people. It may symbolize more travel or vacation time, it may buy your family luxuries such as nice clothes or good food. Ultimately, money may not be able to buy happiness however it can certainly buy piece of mind.