Unit Plan Template


Unit Title/Theme

George Washington

Subject Area(s)/

Social Studies & History

Grade Level


Summary of Unit Topics

This unit plan is aimed at introducing students to the life and personality of George Washington. Pictorial presentations of different aspects of George Washington’s life would be provided to students with thorough and easy to comprehend oral description by the teacher. The students will also be presented videos about George Washington. These video and pictorial presentations would help students understand who he was, why he is so important in American history and what his leadership characteristics are. The class will be broken down to smaller groups. They will be fascinated by the teachers to critically think about the different characteristics of George Washington’s personality and discuss it in their groups. Students will be facilitated to use the video, pictorial and bibliographic material to explore the personality and life of George Washington in these small groups as well individually. The students will be encouraged to draw images of George Washington and would be allowed to present to the class why they drew this specific image. The work of the student i.e. the images they make will be organized in a thematic order and displayed in the class or in the hallway outside the class so that the students can view their work and be feel happy and motivated. Students will also be given short quizzes after class activities to motivate them to remember what they have learned during class activities.

Unit Standards

K.1 The student will recognize that history describes events and people of other times and places by identifying examples of past events in legends, stories, and historical accounts of Powhatan,

Pocahontas, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Abraham Lincoln.



·         Students will be able to present their interpretation of the characteristics of George Washington in small groups and class presentations.

·         Students will be able to speak about one part of George Washington’s life in complete sentences.

·         Students will be able to identify why George Washington was a good leader.

·         Students will be able to draw images of George Washington with the help of color pencils.


·         Observing small group discussions.

·         Small quizzes about George Washington’s life.

·         Short class presentations.

·         Images made by the children as part of class activities.



·         Either paints, crayons, or large uniform-sized pieces of paper.

·         Videos about George Washington.

·         Photos (wall papers) of George Washington from different parts of his life.

·         Additional biographical information on George Washington.